Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code doesn’t bring any new idea, all its theses are known since a long time, they are sometimes accepted by non-christian religions (judaism, islam). The Christ may have been married, there are even tombs attributed to him.

There are two sides of the religion: the Historic Truth and the Mythologie.They should be treated in a different way.

  • The Historic Truth: We will probably never know exactly, how (if) things described in the New Testament has realy happened. It looks quite plausible that Evangiles are just works of art based on a set of real people and histories. There was probably someone crusified by Pilat, there were religious teachers with their followers, … Evangelists have just simplified the story, merged several stories together (the Jesus in the Last Supper may not have been the same one as the Jesus on the Cross), devided more complex personalities into several (is it just an accident that Jesus and Judas are very similar names ?),…
  • The Mythologie: The christian mythologie has certainly not been created by Jesus, even not by Evanelists. It has been written by (St.) Constantine, (St.) Paul and their supporters. It could have been easily different. That mythology has already changed and split several times (creating several new christiaon religions). There is no reason why it couldn’t change once again. And when woman has been accepted as equal to man on earth (at least in our part of world), she can more priviledged place also in heaven. Afterall, women played an important role already in the antic religions.

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